Lesson 2: The Human Body, and the Systems Within.

Welcome back to the module and lesson 2, where we will get to explore the weird and wonderful landscape of the human body and all the structures that are within all of us!

Today, your teacher will take a moment to divide the class into 6 groups. Each group will have the opportunity to go on and learn about a separate system found in the human body. You each get your own. Your mission today is to learn as much as you can about that system, from what the structures are called, what they look like, and how they function. You will become masters of that system!

Why are we doing this? Because tomorrow in lesson 3 you will be using all that information you’ve learned, and be using Aurasma Studio to put together an AR journey through your system, helping other groups learn about what makes up your system and why it is important.

Here are the group numbers and which system you will be mastering:

Group Number Your System To Learn
1 Digestive System
2 Circulatory System
3 Excretory System
4 Skeletal System
5 Muscular System
6 Respiratory System

Table showing which groups will be responsible mastering which particular system of the human body.

For your group, click on the system in the table that relates to your group, to begin learning about what your system is all about, and then complete a light quiz to tell you just how much of it you mastered.

All systems will contain:

  • Information on the structures and functions important in your system.
  • See where anatomy has met augmented reality in trialling the ‘Anatomy4D’ app.
  • Allow you to play with plastic models in real life provided by your teacher in order to take photos of them important for lesson 3.
  • Finally allow you to engage in a quiz identifying what you remember from your system and where to improve.