Group 2: The Circulatory System.

When it comes to keeping your blood pumping, our circulatory system provides us with ability to direct blood where we need it most. Below is a list of key structures you will be researching and learning about today:

  • Heart – Atria
  • Heart - Ventricle
  • Arteries
  • Veins
  • Capillaries

Research Activities

Step 1:

To begin, head to Fact Monster and go through their circulatory system experience to learn about what the above structures look like, and their function. (10 mins)

Step 2:

Anatomy4D’ is a great app for you to see an example where human biology and augmented reality have come together. While it does this in its own way, keep in mind there is no stopping what you can come up with when you make your auras tomorrow. You may even come up with something better! (10 mins)

Anatomy4D in action, showing paper to left and AR model to right.

Anatomy4D in action, showing paper to left and AR model to right.

Step 3:

Your teacher will provide you with plastic models of the structures you’ve been learning. Inspect them, study them, but most importantly take a clear photo of them. This photo you will use tomorrow in lesson 3 as a trigger to the auras you will make showcasing these structures of your system to the other groups. (10 mins)

Step 4:

Finally for the day, you will now have a chance to test what you’ve learned today! Grab out your smart devices or laptops and head to GoSoapBox and enter today’s quiz code 597-846-461. Do your best, and remember if you do get something wrong, to learn from the correction feedback moving into tomorrow.

The GoSoapBox login page.

The GoSoapBox login page.

That’s it for today all. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed learning about your system and just how important it is to being able to function as we do. See you tomorrow for lesson 3!