Lesson 3: Bringing Together Biology Knowledge and Augmented Reality.

In lesson 1 you looked at and explored augmented reality and what it can do in a number of ways, like the addition of details to regular objects, or animating still life to provide a new dimension. Aurasma was an app that allowed you to create and view augmented reality at the same time.

The potential to bring objects to life with Aurasma.

Lesson 2 saw you divide into your groups to which you will work with again today, and studied the structure and function of your assigned system of the human body. You went through a wealth of written and illustrated information, and got to explore augmented reality and biology with the help of Anatomy4D.

A demo of Anatomy4D showcasing the human heart in augmented reality.

For today’s lesson, you are to merge the worlds of biology and augmented reality together into a new and exciting method of learning for your peers. The steps today are as follows:

  1. Use your login details to access https://studio.aurasma.com/home
  2. Upload the trigger images you took in lesson 2 of the target structures you wish to discuss about your system. If you cannot remember how to do this, you can refresh your memory with this video here.
  3. Think about what you want to represent and show in your content overlay for each of the triggers above. Will you show pictures? Use video? Audio? Animations? Whatever your group can think of to help others identify those structures and what they do, is up to you. Be creative!
  4. Create your desired content overlays, and upload them to your Aurasma Studio overlay tab.
  5. Link the correct trigger image with the appropriate content overlay, and complete your new aura. Do this in the ‘MY AURAS’ tab, and click ‘Create New Aura’. Follow the process and link the trigger and overlay in the way you’d like it.
  6. Congratulations on your new auras! Now, check out the video below in learning how to share your auras in preparation for tomorrow.

Aurasma video on how to share your new auras from Aurasma Studio.